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    My mission is to facilitate healing in all areas of life through education and empowerment. I’m going through the process myself: in my body, my environment, my health, my energy, my emotions, and my relationships. I am always learning, growing, and increasing my standards. My life is my teaching, and so here it is.
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The Red “Green” Smoothie

Alright, here is a delicious red “green” smoothie inspired by the beets in my fridge that were soon going to perish. I had originally purchased them to make a beet-nut dip but time has been tight and I needed to eat (drink) them straight away! I had tried berry beet smoothies before, but I decided to experiment with a different, less orthodox mixture, and it turned out great!

2 beets, peeled
3-4 kale leafs (mine were frozen)
1 banana (frozen again)
1/3 pineapple
scoop of green powder (any will do, but this one was Barlean’s)
1 cup of water
I would add ice if you don’t use frozen ingredients 🙂

Blend in a high power blender until smooth and enjoy the beautiful colour this delivers! This really turned out better than I expected. Very rich in beet flavour, so if this is not your thing, you could reduce to 1 beet.


My Super Awesome 7-day Detox Cleanse

I recently carried out a modified juice cleanse and have had much interest in what my exact meal plan was. So it went something like this:


– wheat grass
– giant glass of lemon water + chlorella

Mid-day snack

– Udo’s oil with pineapple chaser
– Green drink (greens or chlorella + water)


– Small smoothie (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds)

Mid-afternoon snack

– Udo’s oil + pineapple chaser
– Green drink


– Hot vegetable broth or fresh miso soup. I added some kelp powder, dulse and nori for extra minerals, yum!

I’ll update notes on the reasoning behind these choices and specific smoothie recipes soon! As well as my resulting experience…Needless to say I am blogging again and making new recipes for the first time in a year LOL

Plant-Based Chocolate Banana Pancakes

I LOVE eating healthy versions of old favourites! I actually find that healthier variations are sooo much more delicious and satisfying! And so, here is my recipe for banana chocolates pancakes yum! This recipe was adapted from the VEGA breakfast challenge, with ingredients I actually had in my kitchen.

2 bananas
2 fresh dates
1 cup chocolate hemp milk*
1 cup water
1 cup buckwheat flour**
1/2 cup ground flaxseed
1/4 cup hemp protein
2 tbsp roasted carob powder
sea salt to taste

Process all ingredients together in a food processor and fry in coconut oil over medium heat, as you would regular pancakes!

This makes a lot of pancakes! Good for 2-4 people 🙂

*I made the chocolate hemp milk just to make these pancakes, with the following:

1 cup hemp seeds
5 cups water
3 tbsp raw cacao powder
agave nectar to taste

Blended in a high power blender. So delish, I finished the batch by the end of the day! heheh

**I also ground the buckwheat flour for this recipe. I found that if you take the buckwheat groats and freeze them, you can easily grind them into flour in a coffee grinder (ideally) or a food processor. Pretty sure I’m never buying the flour again!

Tonic Herb source

I just checked out http://www.hyperionherbs.com — it’s a pretty sweet site that has the highest quality tonic herbs at amazing prices. You should totally check it out. They have some of the most revered herbs of all time like Reishi Mushroom, Cordyceps, Ho Shou Wu, Goji, Eleuthero, Chaga, and Mucuna.

Drug-free relief for those flare-ups (celiac, crohns, colitis, IBS)

As a potential celiac/gluten-intolerant (undiagnosed out of the requirement to eat gluten for 2-3 weeks, an event that would certainly render me ill for probably 6 months), I have sought different forms of relief for contamination-induced flare ups. In the beginning pepto bismol was my best friend…especially when I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I carried it around with me in liquid and pill form and took a dose every 30 minutes to get through the pain. Flare-ups are just the worst thing to live with, when they can come at any time. One minute you’re fine, the next you’re hunched over in the fetal position. It is extremely inconvenient! So I do my best to avoid the later-discovered culprit: gluten (and now casein, which has a similar protein structure, found in milk products). However, the flare-ups sneak in and after taking so much medication all the time I finally made a decision that I would NOT take any more unless it was absolutely necessary. So I would hunch over in the fetal position (wherever I happen to be) for 2-3 hrs and cry, waiting for it to pass. My life would go back to normal for a few weeks or months, and I would forget about how awful the pain was. It would hit again…back to the fetal position…NO drugs.

Well, I’m happy to say, those days are over for me and I’m here to share what I have been using for relief. As someone who began my healing by searching the internet and reading peoples stories, I am here to pass along my own to help others as they helped me.

The first form of drug-free relief from my flare-ups came with the combination I learned from someone I met at the Calgary Body, Spirit and Soul expo. They were selling these “barefoot revolution” grounding sheets. I actually had a flare-up at the show, so they connected me to this grounding pad, which allowed a natural flow of energy (electrons) to connect me to the healing earth. I had never in a million years would have considered that the daily disconnect from the earth would contribute to (or worsen) inflammation. But it totally makes sense now…especially since it worked!!! Within 15 minutes (not 2-3 hrs of agony) the pain was finally gone. Now I bought a sheet for my bed, which connects to the ground through an electrical outlet, and whenever I had a flare-up I would wrap the sheet around me and wait 15 minutes. Oh, and I would also have a cup of chamomile tea and some aloe vera juice to soothe the stomach. (I had no idea chamomile tea could actually help too…apparently that’s what it’s known for…)

[Note: I bought this sheet at a trade show, so I’m really sure where to get it otherwise…trying googling “Barefoot revolution”]

The second form of relief came within 30 seconds, from a device more portable than this giant sheet (which I still keep on my bed to keep me grounded at night). I was having one of the WORST flare-ups of my life, I was wrapped up in the sheet, sipping my chamomile tea and just dying in agony. Nothing was working. It’s funny, in-between the flare-ups I really forget how bad it is, then during them all I can think about is how I’m ALWAYS in pain and how I just can’t live like this anymore. I was soooooo sick and tired of being stuck in the damn fetal position!! So I got up and I ripped off the sheet and I declared out loud “that’s it, NO MORE PAIN!!” I decided it was going to be mind over matter, that I could beat this, that I wasn’t going to allow my intestines to be inflamed anymore, or ever again.

I wish I could say all that was needed was a powerful mantra like that. It wasn’t, but what happened in that moment (right before I collapsed again in real pain) was that my mind opened to a solution I’ve had available to me all this time and just did not think of it!!! I use Lifewave “Icewave” patches on my back and neck for muscle pain as part of my own therapy for subluxations and back pain. I had already posted a link to these in the recommended products section when I first started this blog. My dad had introduced them to me years ago when they just had the energy patch, and I’ve been using them ever since. It did not occur to me until that moment that I could try out the Icewave patches on my stomach to relieve the pain of intestinal inflammation.

Well, this one worked, and AMAZINGLY-so. I am soooooo blown away. I mean I knew they worked for my back pain, but these flare-ups are a severe inflammation I thought would burden me forever. And with the personal oath to never use drugs to treat the symptoms, I thought it was always going to be the routine 2-3 hrs in the fetal position scene. Well I’m so happy to say that I now have a solution that I can use anytime and anywhere. The patches go with me in my purse. When a flare-up starts I can put one patch in the center of the pain, and one patch on my sternum, wait 30 seconds and feel relief. I went from a 10 to a 2 in 30 seconds and down to 0 in a few minutes. I didn’t even stick the patch on my skin!!

Okay, so how do they work? Well, first of all nothing enters the body, I know that. The technology at the absolute scientific level is kept secret, to avoid mimicry, but as a chemist (with quantum chemistry being my favourite subject), I have come up with some theories. I’m not going into that detail here. I can say on a basic level, that these patches provide a subtle vibrational energy which signals the body to reduce inflammation. Those hard-core molecular biologists would probably have a problem with this, but those open to the concept of energy medicine do appreciate this technology. Me, I’m open to ANYTHING THAT HEALS MY PAIN!! I’ve said many times on this site, that my evidence is reality, scientific explanations come AFTER the observation of reality. And in reality, my flare-ups are relieved seconds after applying the Lifewave patches.

If you are suffering from flare-ups as I was, and want immediate relief without the use of drugs, you can try the IceWave patches by ordering here:


I am proud to be a distributor of this technology, so that I can help others as they have helped me 🙂

Teaching children about food

Watching this compelling ‘Ted Talk’ featuring Jamie Oliver, I am experiencing some strong feelings. For one I am sooo unbelievably grateful that I learned about food as a child. Firstly, my dad taught me how to read labels. Anything that was considered bad, whether it had enough evidence or not, was banned. Hydrogenated oil was one of the biggest. And he knew not to eat this processed oil decades before there was substantial proof. High fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, MSG (and ALL the different names it hides under), taste enhancers, colourants, preservatives. These were just simply items that were banned. And I never wanted to rebel. I somehow understood the difference between real and artificial food. Eventually it just came down to one simple rule: don’t eat processed foods. If a food item HAS an ingredient list, more often than not, it is CRAP. I became a ‘perimeter’ shopper. Secondly, I grew up eating meals that were prepared every night from scratch by my step-dad the amazing chef! I watched and learned that amazing food could be prepared quickly and easily using whole ingredients. Sometimes I would look in the fridge and think we had no food, until less than an hour later we would have an incredible feast on the dinner table. I understood the concept of preparing food – it was really all I knew. Thirdly, I wasn’t given any lunch money from my wonderfully cheap mom (love you!) so eating at the cafeteria would only happen when I could mooch enough quarters to buy a chicken burger once in a blue moon. So I learned to prepare my own lunches and we didn’t have any processed foods in the house to throw into a bag. I actually had to MAKE a sandwich. I look back on all of this and I am so happy I was programmed this way. (More to this story came when I couldn’t eat gluten anymore – forcing me to really raise my standards of eating).

The flipside to my feelings of gratitude are confusion. It’s hard when you know something inside and out, and you live it your whole life, to understand anything different. I sometimes walk down the grocery store processed food aisles and wonder in awe: ‘Is this crap really being purchased? Is all this crap going to end up in the bodies of my friends, family and neighbours?’ And I realize in parallel to myself, it’s all that is known.  I wasn’t born understanding food in this age – and I certainly have not mastered the standard I will one day reach – but what I learned to do is think about what is going into my body. I have also found that there is much to learn – but it’s the most amazing thing to learn about. The right foods, at the right time, and in the right amounts directly relate to everything I want: happiness, energy and love. I hope that we can all learn about food – and from the right sources of information. Not from the industry selling the food and not from the government who is leveraged by the industry and not from the faulty “health checks” that are purchased from the industry. I hope we can learn from the people who care, who set an example in themselves, and who are promoting messages that are common sense. When someone tells you to eat whole, water-based, living foods from the earth, they are not likely misleading – this used to be our only option! When industry tells you to eat processed crap because this version is the low-fat processed crap version with only 100 calories of processed crap, you are probably being mislead. Everything that goes into your body becomes a part of who you are, not only nutritionally, but energetically. The vibrational energy of a living whole food can be measured. The food you put into your body carries the story of where it’s been, what’s been done to it, and how it was cared for. What kind of story do you want to build your life on?

My dairy-free chocolate fix!

MMMMMmmmmm….sometimes I just really need chocolate, forget that, all the time I need chocolate! So I decided I would mix some things together in the kitchen and come up with my own dairy-free chocolate that I can make in minutes using my kitchen staples. (That is, until I go to a raw chocolate class and learn how to do it better). Now I’m aware that my kitchen staples may not be staples in everyone’s home. But I always have the four following items and this is why:

1) Coconut oil: This is the oil I cook with and the only oil that I heat. This oil can be heated safely without causing oxidative damage – mainly because it’s fully saturated. But don’t let that scare you – that fear was a thing of the 80’s when everything went “low-fat”. We’re getting over that ridicules phase aren’t we? This is a good fat and I promise you I can eat as much good fat as I want!

2) Agave nectar: I use agave nectar (maple syrup too) as a natural, unrefined sweetener in many recipes so this is on hand at all times. I recently started buying it raw from a local raw food store – it’s pretty much clear and minimally processed. However, there is some controversy about the high fructose content so I may have to reevaluate this staple. If you’re not vegan, try honey! And I wonder what maple syrup would taste like in chocolate…

3) Himalayan Mountain Salts: Having over 84 minerals, this is my new salt of choice. It is pink, delicious and essential. I use it in cooking and I also add it to water (a pinch!) the boost the mineral content.

4) Cocoa powder: Well a chocolate lover would not have a kitchen lacking cocoa powder. However, this will soon be upgraded to Cacao, the raw form. I can’t wait to learn how to make raw chocolate – it will be soooo tasty and soooo amazing good for me – with high levels of antioxidants and raw- powered goodness. For now, these ingredient will do the trick.

The amounts for a few bites of a yummy treat: (What did you think this was a chocolate binge?!)

1 tbsp coconut oil
1.5 tbsp agave nectar
3-4 tbsp cocoa powder
pinch of Himalayan Mountain Salts

The plan of action:

Heat the coconut oil over a very, very low flame in a glass dish for less than a minute until it’s a pure liquid. Add the salt, agave nectar and then stir in the cocoa powder a little at a time until the chocolate has reached it’s desired consistency…and cocoa level (I like mine 60% or more).

Now, this isn’t the perfect chocolate, this is an emergency fix. But I’ve found it to be useful straight out of the bowl with a spoon (classic Chanelle style), or refrigerated until hard for a small bar, or spread on-top of almond coconut cookies (1 batch will coat about 8 cookies).

Hmmm….I think I’ll go toss some together right now!