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    My mission is to facilitate healing in all areas of life through education and empowerment. Iā€™m going through the process myself: in my body, my environment, my health, my energy, my emotions, and my relationships. I am always learning, growing, and increasing my standards. My life is my teaching, and so here it is.
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The Red “Green” Smoothie

Alright, here is a delicious red “green” smoothie inspired by the beets in my fridge that were soon going to perish. I had originally purchased them to make a beet-nut dip but time has been tight and I needed to eat (drink) them straight away! I had tried berry beet smoothies before, but I decided to experiment with a different, less orthodox mixture, and it turned out great!

2 beets, peeled
3-4 kale leafs (mine were frozen)
1 banana (frozen again)
1/3 pineapple
scoop of green powder (any will do, but this one was Barlean’s)
1 cup of water
I would add ice if you don’t use frozen ingredients šŸ™‚

Blend in a high power blender until smooth and enjoy the beautiful colour this delivers! This really turned out better than I expected. Very rich in beet flavour, so if this is not your thing, you could reduce to 1 beet.


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